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South Winnipeg Art Group

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We envision a community recognized for the quality of its local artists,

in which people from all walks of life are able to appreciate,

learn about and collect art.

The Mosaic Art Studio Tour will be celebrating the artistic talent in South Winnipeg by connecting artists, art lovers, and those new to art, through an annual exploration of local artist studios.  By showcasing the creative community within the South Winnipeg area, the tour aims to inspire regional and out of province visitors to experience first hand the quality of locally produced art.


Laurel Anderson-McCallum

Nikki Braun

Tesia Brooks

Sandra Dalton

Denise Gray

Georgina Gray

Susan Hope

Lola Kecman

Wade Kehler

Bella Kraska

Angela Lillico

Dodie Mitchell

Valerie Peasey

Lorraine Powell

Britta Spiring

Guy St. Godard


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